Hi! My name is Joey, and I am one video editor. \ (•◡•) /

I have over 6 years experience in video editing, am fluently bilingual in both Cantonese and English. My previous experience includes working for both media companies in Hong Kong and England.


I have a bachelor’s degree and masters in film and television production from the Northern Film School in Leeds, England.


My work has been used for National Geographic Channel, Australian Broadcasting Channel (ABC), IBM, Pepsi, Music Matters, Cathay Pacific, TVB  J2, Celestial Tiger (Lionsgate), Christie’s Hong Kong/New York, AIA,  Hasbro, Moet & Chandon and many other companies.


I am currently working freelance and part-time for editing and production, I also run my own e-commerce business as well, having quit my full time video editor job since April 2014.