Coding Journey So Far – First Blog Post

So it’s been 2, no almost 3 crazy years now. Running 2 full on e-commerce/blog websites, freelancing and making ends meet with ups and downs since stopping doing my video editing jobs, though I confess I actually miss it.

Specifically I’ve been learning to code as a hobby. I started late last year, only spending 1 hour or so per week. So it was a crawl – I started with codecademy , I fell in love with Javascript, I know its not a good language to learn if you want to be a computer scientist or engineer, but that was never my intention.

From Codecademy I moved to Codecombat, which is using Javascript to play this roleplaying game. I then realised I needed a very visual way of learning, how javascript plays into the whole picture therefore I decided to learn the entire language bottom up, starting with Eloquent Javascript the book, then to Jon Duckett’s “Interactive Front-End Web Development” as well as his book on HTML and CSS, both very visual and great books to learn.

I made modifications to my website, as well as built my own special Javascript calculator which calculates drug dosages using a complicated scientific formula and it’s the first application to do that. I am very proud of it, because it’s the first program I conceptualized and coded that wasn’t a tutorial.

With my javascript at slightly usable levels – I decided I wanted to understand the backend before diving deep into the front end i.e. Angular, Bootstrap. So I worked on learning the basics of Node.JS, actually I started learning Ruby on Rails first – only to be frustrated with having to learn an entire new syntax.

Also I didn’t like the gem dependency thing, the tutorials I found often had versioning difficulties with some core code changes Ruby on Rails received – it was very cumbersome to fix compared to npms in Node.JS . I know the strengths of Ruby on Rails. I do like the huge support and the defined way of working in Ruby on Rails. I just wasn’t ready for it. I wanted to get good at javascript first.

So I looked into MVC models and decided to learn sail.js ( a MVC model framework for node.js) , this was fantastic, even though the framework’s community turned out to be dead, the documentation gave ALOT of information about how backend services work such as how servers process URL and other types of request.

I feel like I am at the level soon where I am considering a bootcamp, but I don’t think my skill is anywhere near where I want to be. So I have started on – they seem to so far have a fantastic course on front-end development so I am about 20% into that. I am really looking forwards to the challenges the course throws at me. I also enjoyed having to apply everything I learned from the start again, to make me more proficient.

I am really interested in the Meteor framework, React, and Backend as a Service (BAAS) as well, as I really want to understand the whole picture and be able to conceive and build application. I’m not looking to be a eloquent engineer, not yet anyways, but I intend to revisit more defined languages with strict protocol and IDE like Java in the future to really understand programming more.

I look forward to updating this blog with my journey in learning code, from a former professional video editor.